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187a Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi

We work with a variety of different clients, and we've invited some of them to share their experiences with you. Have a read of what our clients think, and draw your own conclusion.


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"Total TM firstly get your job happening. They have a great ability to plan the best set up for even the trickiest jobs. Then they use their local council relationships to surprise me time after time with how quick they can get a TMP approved. Dave and Sam have heard a lot of ambitious start dates from me during the planning stage and they often come back with absolute confidence that they can get it done and tell me to book the job in.
Once the job is running, Total TM send one or more of their professional and experienced staff who are generally liked by all Isaac Construction personnel. There hasn't been a single complaint from the public about Total TM on my sites either in all the 2 years I have been working closely with them.
Lastly, the flexibility of Total TM has been a huge benefit to me. I often ask Sam or Dave to cover night works or level 2 set ups and they always seem to have the resources on hand ready to go. On top of all of that, they are really cost effective, so I couldn't recommend Total TM enough."


        Sean Walsh -Project Manager, Isaac Construction
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"To celebrate Playcentre Awareness Week in March 2017, Canterbury Playcentre Association decided to launch a campaign to walk, bike or run a total of 650km between all 46 Playcentres to raise funds for Variety, the Children's charity. We had no idea of the enormity of the logistics of this campaign.
We approached Total Traffic Management for assistance. Dave, Dorothy and Sam were eager to come on board generously donating their time and resources without hesitation. They supported us in the preparation and during the whole event from 5-18 March.
For 14 days from dawn till dusk TTM were present to keep everyone safe in Traffic Management on both main highways and back roads as we traveled from Amberley to Akaroa.
During these two weeks the team at TTM were amazing, very professional, patient with outstanding attention to detail. They gave up their weekends and time with their own families to support this event and charity. We will be forever grateful for the support they gave us as without them the Greatest Game of Tag would not have been possible."
       Anna - Canterbury Playcentre
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"2017 Marked the 14th annual Mandeville Tavern Pig Hunt, It's always a big day with between 50-100 hunters from all over Canterbury and beyond.
This year was my fifth year involved but my first year of solely organizing the Tavern's biggest event of the year. I approached Sam from Total Traffic Management to ask if he was interested in sponsoring one of our categories. He was keen to get on board, and after speaking with Dave they contributed significantly!
Dave and Sam at TTM were amazing to deal with, going above and beyond supplying specially designed shirts and extra spot prizes, and turning up to weigh in and kindly presenting the prizes.
This year the annual 'Mandeville Tavern Pig Hunt, in conjunction with Total Traffic Management' was a success with 75 happy hunters and their families and it wouldn't have been without the assistance of TTM.
Thank you Sam and Dave and the crew at Total Traffic Management for your support in making our event so successful. This was a very real testament to locals helping locals with two small-town businesses coming together to create an amazing event."
        Carla Potter - Bar Manager, Mandeville Tavern
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